Polyurethane is a material largely used in many objects that are part of our everyday life. SAIP offers complete and customized solutions for the treatment of polyurethane and the manufacture of a wide range of components employed in several sectors: building sector, refrigeration field, furnishing and automotive industry, pipe insulation sector, sport, boating and medical field.

Building sector

Energy saving, thermal efficiency, fire resistance: these are SAIP's main objectives for this sector.


Even in the refrigeration field Saip deals with the full development of the project, from its design to its implementation.


Both designers and the furniture industry know well the advantages of polyurethane, a plastic, versatile, structural material.

Pipe insulation

It is the sector of major infrastructure works: oil and gas pipelines, pipelines to transport different types of materials.


SAIP designs and manufactures specific performance systems for the automotive industry, with a high degree of customization.

Technical items

SAIP finds full expression in the production of technical items for sports, nautical, fashion, medicine and many others.

Research & Development - Ce|de|pa

We believe in synergy as the tool to find out best solutions; we cooperate with leading manufacturers of polyurethane, steel and other raw materials, always in complete independence.

Why choosing SAIP

Because details make the difference


SAIP designs and builds polyurethane processing plants and highly customized machines for polyurethane treatment. SAIP’s solutions include a wide range of PU processing machinery. We have a solution for any polyurethane treatment: from the design, the manufacturing and the industrial automation of a foam injection and dispensing machine to the design and manufacturing of complete production lines and turn-key projects. SAIP products are characterized by cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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