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Building and Construction: dedicated plants

SAIP offers complete, customised solutions to meet all the needs of panel makers along with a wide range of high- and low-pressure foaming machines for various applications, such as shutter and roller shutter box insulation.

Polyurethane products offer many applications in the building sector: wall panels, roof panels, cladding panels, sectional panels for civil and industrial doors, panels for air conditioning ducts, etc.


CONTITECH is SAIP’s solution for the production of sandwich panels for roofs and walls, industrial or architectural, with PUR, PIR and rock wool cores, as well as complete solutions for the production of sectional panels for industrial and residential doors and gates.

Complete solutions for the production of insulation panels
with rigid coating
Complete solutions for the production of insulation panels
with flexible coating

Supply includes:

  • storage and handling systems for chemicals
  • sheet metal forming section
  • high-pressure multi-component foaming machines that can also be used with new generations of blowing agents
  • Flexible layers unwinding section
  • continuous motion press with a length up to 50 metres
  • cutting units with band, disc saw, water jet cleaning, milling systems
  • panel handling section including stacking, curing and packaging equipment
  • special sections dedicated to the production of composite panels, mineral wool and rock wool, with corresponding glue dosage.

Our solutions are designed for turnkey supply.


DITECH is the SAIP technology that designs and manufactures complete lines for the production of panels using the batch method. The ‘batch’ process is used for the production of rigid, flexible or composite surface panels with a rigid polyurethane foam core, in cases of extreme changeover flexibility and limited production volumes.

Complete solutions for the batch production of insulation panels

Based on specific customer requirements, we design and manufacture multiple types of production lines, providing various foam dosing solutions depending on panel design, production method and required efficiency.

DITECH technology offers solutions for different applications:

  • lines for the batch production of rigid surface architectural panels with a polyurethane core
  • implementation of existing lines to the use of pentane as a blowing agent
  • chemical storage and management systems
  • auxiliary equipment and much more

Supply includes:

  • two-component low- or high-pressure foaming machine with a capacity of up to 300 kg/min
  • foaming presses (open or closed mould) with 1+1 and 2+2 system or fully customised, designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and applications

Our solutions are designed for turnkey supply.