Innovation and Sustainability are the pillars of our growth strategy.

To invest in Sustainability to create value over time, to innovate to provide environmentally friendly solutions, without losing sight of profitability for the customer.

Pursuing this direction, we have developed some forward-looking technologies that respond to the latest green demands of energy saving, circular economy and digitisation.

ButterflyTM is a state-of-the-art digital manufacturing software developed by Saip's sister company ENLIVE automation. Saip has exclusive rights for the use of ButterflyTM in Polypanel industry, for the production of insulation panels.

With its advanced digitalization technology, ButterflyTM optimizes production processes and boosts efficiency. By streamlining operations, ButterflyTM minimizes energy consumption, reduces raw material waste, and optimizes maintenance needs.

Specifically, ButterflyTM is a digitization platform for polyurethane processing plants, for the production of insulation panels, aimed at improving the usability, security, and management of data and information throughout the production process. This innovative digital platform consists of four main macro-packages:

1. Machine maintenance management of machines that make up the plant, ensuring optimal functioning of the production line.
2. Energy consumption control and reduction, lowering the environmental impact and operational costs.
3. Enhanced product quality with defect detection tools and a cruise control system, ensuring solid and effective production continuity.
4. Management of product traceability and the entire production chain, providing complete visibility and control over every step of the manufacturing process.

The system establishes a seamless connection between production management systems (MES) and machines, enabling the collection and processing of critical data from the field. This includes automating product control, managing plant operations, and monitoring energy consumption to ensure compliance with legal obligations for energy-intensive companies
REPUR® is the technology developed by SAIP that allows PU waste to be reused as raw material for the production of PU foams. Indeed, regulatory changes, material depletion and increasing disposal costs have increasingly shifted the attention of the technical and scientific community towards polyurethane recycling. REPUR® enables savings of up to 76% of the raw material needed in the production process. This means large quantities of raw material saved, with a significant reduction in the costs for its purchase, waste disposal costs and, last but not least, a great advantage for the environment. Nowadays, we all know that the circular economy is the only solution to the waste emergency. SAIP has recently fine-tuned its REPUR® technology to meet the needs of customers pressed by increasingly stringent waste disposal regulations.


The reporting scope of the Report extends to all companies of Pozzi Industries Group. Its contents have been defined in accordance with the GRI standard, an independent institution working in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact in pursuit of sustainable development goals. Pozzi Industries Group has chosen to prepare its Sustainability report because it believes in a number of fundamental principles, that SAIP is fully compliant with, such as the fight against active and passive corruption, the environment, personnel, social and human rights.
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Carbon Neutral

With a view to continuous improvement in environmental performance, Pozzi Industries Group has joined the United Nations initiative, launched in 2015 with the Paris Agreements, whose objective is to encourage and support the world to act on climate, in order to achieve a Carbon Neutral world by mid-century.

The mechanism provides for offsetting CO2 emissions by financing projects that cancel or reduce them. The environmental benefit of mitigation activities is represented in compensation certificates.

Emissions offsetting process

After measuring emissions from SAIP and POZZI-AROSIO production sites, Pozzi Industries signed the UN Climate Neutrality Pledge with Dcycle, an official partner of Climate Neutral Now. Since 2021 the group has been impact neutral. UN offset certificates are generated by projects that adhere to rigorous technological standards and are strictly controlled through international monitoring, reporting and verification processes. The project financed by Pozzi Industries is the Punta Palmeras Wind Farm. It is a wind farm with a capacity of 45 megawatts (MW) and 15 wind turbines. It produces 124 GWh per year, which are fed into Chile’s Central Interconnected System (SIC). To make our business more efficient, to reduce not only environmental risks, but also economic and social risks, thus improving the added value for our stakeholders.
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Digital Maturity Level

SAIP carried out in 2022 the audit regarding its digital maturity level. The test was promoted by DIH (digital innovation hub) in collaboration with Confindustria (the main Italian association representing manufacturing and service companies). The outcome showed how our products and services have a very good level of digitalization in relation to the national average, as well as all SAIP internal processes. We are proud to see that our efforts have led to a higher rating than the industry average. Despite these results, we are fully committed to continuing to improve and develop our products with ever more advanced technologies.
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