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Refrigeration: dedicated systems

SAIP designs and manufactures complete solutions for foaming and insulating all equipments used in commercial and domestic refrigeration.

Polyurethane provides excellent insulation. It can ensure optimal temperature and humidity levels for long periods of time, regardless of the conditions outside.

SAIP offers complete foaming lines for the insulation of all equipment involved in the cold chain: industrial, commercial and home refrigerators, refrigerated counters, panels for cold storage, freezing and deep-freezing, ice-makers, vending machines, thermos, etc.


REFTECH is SAIP’s technology for the production of cold chain equipment.
Our solutions are characterised by high customisation, are flexible and guarantee quality, optimum performance and high automation, whether for large or small volumes.
SAIP offers complete solutions and customised systems that include:

Complete solutions for polyurethane foam insulation
of commercial and home refrigerators

SAIP offers complete solutions and customised systems that include:

  • complete foaming systems for cabinets and doors
  • foaming moulds for cabinets and doors
  • single foaming masks and moulds
  • handling systems
  • raw material storage systems
  • polyol / expanding agent mixing units
  • mixing and dosing machines
  • product design and industrialisation

Our solutions are designed for turnkey supply.