Insulation with polyurethane foam of professional and domestic refrigerators

REFTECH is the SAIP technology that designs and manufactures complete solutions for polyurethane foaming and insulating of all the equipment used in professional and domestic refrigeration. Reftech technology finds practical application in the production of cabinets and refrigerator doors, refrigerated cabinets and cells, vending machines, ice machines, thermos, etc.

SAIP develops complete and customized systems solutions that include:

  • complete foaming systems for cabinets and doors
  • Foaming molds for cabinets and doors
  • single foaming masks and molds
  • handling systems
  • raw material storage systems
  • polyol/blowing agent mixing units
  • mixing and dosing machines
  • product design and industrialization
  • turnkey solutions

SAIP high customization solutions are provided with considerable flexibility and ensuring quality, top performances and high automation both in case of large volumes, as well as in case of small ones.

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