Complete solutions for pre-insulated pipes production and pipe joint insulation

PIPETECH is the SAIP technology that designs and builds plants for the production of pre-insulated pipes (pipe-in-pipe) and for the protection, reinforcement and isolation of the joints of the line segments (pipe joint). Their solutions find application in plant engineering and in particular in the oil and gas industry where it is used to make oil and gas pipelines, pipelines to transport materials, in liquid or gaseous form, and fluids at high and low temperatures. They are used also in construction, commercial and industrial segments.

International leaders have chosen SAIP as a partner in their projects. SAIP works alongside the customer and builds highly customized products, supplies focused consulting and provides with complete training operators, also on field. Its engineers are in fact authorized to work on platforms off-shore.
SAIP ensures 24/7 technical assistance, spare parts and auxiliary material.

According to applications SAIP offers:

Offshore & Onshore:
prefabricated rigid pipes & field joints (pipe joint)

  • Discontinuous & Continuous production equipment
  • Pouring & Spray technology

District Heating & Cooling:
prefabricated rigid pipes & elbows & field joints

  • Discontinuous & Continuous production equipment
  • Pouring & Spray technology

Industrial pipes:
prefabricated flexible pipes

  • Continuous production equipment
  • Pouring technology

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