The mixing head is the core of the dosing machine, it requires careful designing to be reliable and durable. SAIP designs and manufactures low and high pressure mixing heads in a variety of models and sizes to suit every production requirement. Saip guarantees quality, high performance and the best balance between technology and price.


High-pressure mixing heads are available in various models and sizes to meet all needs in the application of polyurethane foam casting, both in open mould as well as in closed moulds, ensuring accuracy and high performances. Saip mixing heads are self-cleaning: they mix the components at high pressures and dampen flow in a mixing chamber which is cleaned mechanically by means of a hydraulic piston.

Saip high-pressure heads are light, small in size, and extremely manageable. They can be easily mounted on robots or manipulators for automatic foaming.

HP THIRD STREAM: The New Generation of Saip Hp third Stream mixing heads allows for the dosage of a third component directly in the head with radial mixing. The input simultaneity of the components in the mixing chamber promotes better mixing and perfect homogeneity that will lead to higher quality results.

SAIP HP THIRD STREAM high-pressure mixing heads are patented.


In low-pressure mixing heads the components are mixed in a separate chamber by the use of a mechanical stirrer. Unlike high-pressure mixing heads equipped with self-cleaning system, those at low pressure require a washing system after each work cycle to remove the residue from the mixing chamber (water washing, without solvents). Low-pressure mixing heads differ primarily in the form of the mixer and in the dimensions of the mixing chamber, which vary depending on the machine capacity.

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