High pressure Dosing Machines for Polyurethane Foam SPBS

SPBS machines are specially designed for application fields where RIM, RRIM fillers, infusion and other technologies are required. Thanks to a special designed dosing cylinder, Polyol can be mixed with special additives and charges without any issue for the machine components life and obtaining parts with outstanding physical and mechanical characteristics. A closed loop output and ratio variation permits an endless adjustment of working parameters in order to reach the desired hardness and density.

Multicomponent dosing tanks with relevant valves permit metering and mixing with the maximum accuracy of different materials and colors without the need to clean the whole line. Special software assures recycling mode during non-working times and weekends. SPBS machines can be easily coupled to anthropomorphic robots or multi-axis manipulators and work fully automatically with rotary tables, oval carousels and any system where a high degree of automation is required.

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