Complete solutions for the discontinuous production of insulating panels

DITECH SAIP is the technology that designs and builds complete lines for the production of panels with discontinuous method. The “discontinuous” process is used for the production of rigid surface panels, or flexible composite with a rigid polyurethane foam core, in those cases which require a particular design and limited production volumes. SAIP designs and produces multiple types of production lines, providing various solutions for the dosage of the foam according to the panel design, the production method and the efficiency required.

DITECH systems are entirely designed and manufactured according to specific customer requirements. DITECH technology offers turn-key solutions for different applications:

  • lines for the discontinuous production of architectural panels in hard surface with polyurethane core
  • implementation of existing lines using pentane as a blowing agent
  • storage systems, and management of chemical products
  • equipment for storage and management of chemical products
  • auxiliary equipment and lots more

The discontinuous production method consists in the polyurethane foam mixture pouring or injection into the cavity between two facings within the platens of a standing press.

Dosing is made by a low or high pressure two components foam dispensing machine, which is either especially designed according to the used foaming method or supplied as standard equipment. In order to have the best result, the foam distribution and its density on the whole surface should be homogeneous. To avoid air traps or overlaps of foam the pouring methods are very important. In the discontinuous process different pouring methods are used: the multishots pouring at close press, the single shot at close press, the lance withdrawal at close press and the open pouring at open press.

The choice of the suitable system is mainly related to the product design and to the required technological results.

Our supply includes:

  • Low and high pressure two components foam dispensing machines with output up to 300 Kg/min.
  • Foaming presses 1+1 and 2+2 system, with platens dimensions designed and manufactured according to customer’s requirements and applications.

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