SAIP patents new mixing-head model

SAIP EQUIPMENT presents its brand new technology for “third stream direct injection” in high pressure mixing heads.

The aim of this project is to retrofit existing
equipment or supply new ones to the use of HC’s, HFO’s, methyl formate and other blowing agents with a cost saving investment and proper results and

The new mixing head permits the use of a third blowing agent on any kind of foaming units (SAIP or other ones) either new or in revamping.

Technical characteristics and benefits:
- Recycle in head of the third component;
- Third component pressure adjustment (from 0 to 180 bar maximum);
- Possibility of exclusion of the third component and manual or automatic enabling;
- High quality mixing due to the simultaneity of the components' input in the mixing chamber;
- Mixing homogeneity: no advance and postponement of each component.

Compared to other products on the market the novelty of SAIP HP THIRD STREAM MIXING HEAD is the recycle of the third component directly in the head with components radial mixing.
Thanks to the flows imprinted direction and to the high kinetic energy of each component, a perfect nebulization is determined as well as an optimal foam mixture.
The HP third stream mixing head represents the new generation of SAIP heads: it is the result of experience and targeted research that have demonstrated the mixing in the radial type head gives better mixing results than the axial one.
The third component is installed on SAIP mixing heads with diameter from 10 mm to 24 mm; it is easy to install and use. It requires low maintainance and service and it is really cost effective.

Due to the great results achieved in our laboratories and by our customers, SAIP has decided to patent the technology.