New dry foaming solution for the insulation of refrigerators

SAIP patents a new technology which enables its customers to use the same equipment to produce different
kind of cabinet models, reducing energy consumptions.

SAIP has developed new foaming fixtures for the production of refrigerated display cabinets and vending machine cabinets
allowing operators to use the same plug/core for manufacturing different kind of cabinet models.
The Face Up-Technology foaming fixture for the foaming process of vending machine cabinets is equipped with automatic foaming plug change-over. The foaming fixture top platen is fixed, while the fixture bottom platen has an up and down vertical movement by means of servo-motor. Electromechanical cylinders are controlled by brushless motors.
SAIP new technology ensures considerable energy saving, repeatability of mechanical positioning over the time and low
maintenance costs. It has been supplied to an Italian leading company in the refrigeration industry with great results.
The technology has been patented by SAIP Surl.

Technical characteristics :
  • fixture side walls made of aluminum plate with built-in pipes for conditioning water circulation
  • plugs assembling to the fixture top platen by means of automatic system
  • plugs heating system through hot air circulation
  • width adjustment: 500÷1.200 [mm]
  • length adjustment: 600÷1.800 [mm]
  • depth adjustment: 400÷800 [mm]

The Face-down technology foaming fixture for display cabinets foaming has been developed for a leading Russian company. The foaming fixture is equipped with adjustable foaming plug. The foaming fixture is composed by one fixed top platen, two side walls and two movable carriers. The foaming fixture is a tunnel type shuttle system. The two movable carriers are supporting the foaming plugs.

Technical characteristics :
- width adjustment: 800÷1080 [mm]
- length adjustment: 937÷3.750 [mm]
- depth adjustment: 160÷298 [mm]
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