JULY 13-15 | Novi, Michigan, USA | Stand 1920

SAIP EQUIPMENT is back to the United States to meet its customers at Foam Expo, the prestigious North American congress fair which, with this edition, again meet the main players in the polyurethane foams sector.

SAIP EQUIPMENT inaugurates the trade fair season by participating in one of the most interesting events in the American panorama of technical foams, confirming its special relationship with this market and its collaboration with Foam Supplies, leading polyurethane system producer and SAIP partner since 2014.

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, first not being able to travel and visit our customers, we were able to guarantee continuity in relations, the necessary assistance and support.

Despite the difficulties caused by pandemic, we have improved our technologies and designed new solutions, according to the new demands for digitalization and circular economy.

We ourselves designed and built a digital platform - BUTTERFLY - which, thanks to artificial intelligence, uses process data to improve the process itself, significantly cutting costs and increasing productivity.

And also

We designed and developed a new technology THE REPUR® that through a chemical and mechanical process, with zero pollution impact, is able to transform powders, deriving from the processing of polyurethane, chipboard MDF and other recycled materials, into a in turn workable material with relevant properties.

Our American customers have shown that they appreciate our products. In particular, they trust SAIP REFTECH , cutting-edge solutions for industrial and domestic refrigeration, such as the complete foaming lines for the production of display cabinets and doors, foaming presses, foaming fixtures, molds, etc. They also appreciate our solutions for the automotive and furniture industries, such as the automated foaming systems with cartesian manipulators and robots (oval carousels, multi-station rotating stations) and our dosing machines for rigid or flexible foams, high or low density ones.

They know that they can rely on a wide range of customized solutions and turnkey projects as well, for any need.

Come and visit us at the stand and get to know our solutions.


stand 1920