Refrigerating cabinets foaming system supplied by Saip to Electrolux professional

Innovation, energy saving and sustainability

SAIP is an Italian company that since 1978 designs, manufactures and installs polyurethane processing machines and systems. Its technologies are sold all over the world. The insulation sector, especially that of domestic and professional refrigeration, has always been the reference market for which the company is targeting research, investment and solutions. A growing industry, driven by increasingly stringent regulations in terms of energy saving and environmental impact.

Electrolux Professional has always been a global reference point in the production and distribution of professional solutions for catering and hospitality industry. Electrolux Professional reinvest a significant part of its revenues in R&D to maintain high levels of innovation, meet customer demands and keep a pace ahead with competitors.

SAIP has provided Electrolux Professional SPA, to Vallenoncello (PN) production plant, a complete foaming system for the insulation of professional refrigerating cabinets which allows the production of 32 different cabinet models.

The system, unique in its kind, consists of a cabinet foaming plant, face-up technology, composed of four adjustable foaming plugs assembled on an automatic service system to the foaming fixture, to allow the automatic processing of the selected cabinet model. The cabinet foaming fixture uses face-up technology which ensures the optimal foaming of the cabinets. The filling of the cabinet face-up and from the back, performs better filling and foam density distribution in the cavity of the cabinet.

Saip foaming plant

Refrigerating cabinets foaming system

One of the innovative features of the system is, without any doubt, the foaming fixture bottom vertical movement provided by electrical cylinders. This solution allows to overcome the limits of traditional systems, such as the hydraulic or other systems, achieving remarkable energy savings and reduced environmental impact (lack of wear, maintenance not required, lack of waste oils).

This technology is patent pending.

Another feature that makes it a smart system is the presence of an automatic plugs heating system that allows preheating of the foaming plugs prior to the use in the process. A dedicated plant management and process control system is dedicated to identify that the cabinet to be processed, once arrived at related plug from the pre-assembling line, was the correct one.

Patrizio Mazzocut, Director of Vallenoncello plant:

"This project has represented a real challenge in terms of technological innovation and has allowed us to greatly increase our agility: ever more strategic requirement in this market where speed is an element of distinction and competitiveness.
The installation has brought considerable benefits, both in terms of productivity - through the use of faster, reliable and intelligent systems in the foaming plugs: zero change-over management - but also in terms of digital integration, with data traceability, according to Industry 4.0 model and industrial automation trends. We engaged Saip also for the company's strong focus on energy saving, target which Electrolux totally shares being it a recognized worldwide leader in terms of sustainability. In addition, the professionalism of all staff at various stages of installation, from design to commissioning, was a decisive factor in Saip's choice".