SAIP CONTITECH technology for the largest plant in Africa for continuous production of sandwich panels

SAIP Contitech for the largest plant in Africa for continuous production of sandwich panels

Our customer is a North African company specializing in metal processing, for the construction market. It was born in 2012 with the goal of consolidating the leadership in this area of the group it belongs to.

The customer boasts a site covering an area of 100,000 sqm, 25,000 sqm of which are covered; the plant includes 3 production units, respectively dedicated to metal carpentry, sandwich panels and hot galvanizing.

The production unit dedicated to sandwich panel production occupies an area of 26,000 square meters; the production plant installed represents the largest continuous panel production line in Africa.

The line is 145 meters long and produces PUR and PIR wall, roof and refrigerator cell panels, up to 15000mm long.

It is a complete line equipped with:

  • Four unwinders (2 + 2) with metal sheet automatic junction system;
  • Corona treatment for both surfaces;
  • Application of adhesive tape for overlapping;
  • Metal sheet roll forming machines positioned on rails for fast automatic change (3 types of profiles);
  • Primer application machine;
  • Seven component foaming station, use of pentane as blowing agent (pentane underground storage included);
  • Double belt press conveyor 36 meters long, heating with diathermic oil;
  • Cutting unit with: double disk (which guarantees up to 1500 cuts) and double wagon (which allows the cutting of panels shorter than 1,80 mt; overlapping disk;
  • Cooler with 40 positions;
  • Milling of panels for male and female profiles for cold storage panels;

The plant also includes an outline roll forming machine for the production of TN40 corrugated sheet.

The plant speed can reach up to15 mt per minute.

Currently, the plant is operating at full capacity. The customer was able to see a Contitech line running at ce|de|pa, Saip research and development center for panel innovation, located in Spain.

At ce|de|pa, thanks to a fully-equipped industrial-scale production line and a laboratory, the customer was able to touch the end result of his production with his hand.