The spanish group Hierros Y Transformados | Metalpanel S.A. chooses a Saip sandwich panel production line to expand its capacities and develop new sandwich panels

A CONTITECH sandwich panel production line, entirely designed and built by SAIP for one of the most dynamic and market-oriented companies in Europe: Adrian Navarro, CEO Group Hierros y Transformados – Metalpanel, tells how the project was born and his expectations.

Metalpanel is one of the leading European companies in the manufacturing of sandwich panels. The production plant and the headquarters are based near Toledo, while sales offices are spread throughout Spain and other European countries, as well as in Africa, Middle East, Central and South America.

The company designs and builds cladding panels, mainly for facades, roofs and freezers which find application in the construction of industrial buildings, agricultural facilities, cold chain, offices and housing, among others. According to application and final result desired, panels can be either finished with steel, aluminum, copper, wood imitation and corten-steel.

Metalpanel panels stand out for high level aesthetics and great functionality.

The factory is installed on an area of 100,000m2 and has a production capacity which today reaches daily production volumes up to 18,000 m2 causing the factory can count on a significant competitive advantage in terms of meeting the demand and the delivery terms.

The Toledo production plant


Toledo production plant.

Saip: Mr Navarro, why did you decide to buy a new line?

In Metalpanel we have always been clear our vocation of service and reinvestment in machinery that diversifies product and provides value to the market of industrial enclosures.

And with the three lines that we had active until a few months ago, our capabilities for developing new products and new markets were almost complete. We had decided that we wanted to expand capacities and develop new sandwich panels, and of course also improve the quality.

Saip: How you have known our Company?

SAIP has always been one of those companies that one has as a reference when talking about continuous sandwich panels. The relationship we have with DOW CHEMICAL and with its testing center together with SAIP, CEDEPA , allowed us to know first-hand and see a continuous line working and working. In a later step we met Luca Ceresa, Saip Sales Manager, and his team.

Saip: Why did you choose Saip ?

Their skills and solutions, both in the mechanical part and in the chemical part of the line, convinced us. And, of course, we were also convinced of the capacity to react to our stated needs and the economic valuation of their work. Our line has been a very demanding project, with innovations and requirements of last generation. For this reason, we wanted a solid partner and SAIP has been it both during the project and after its installation and commissioning. I have to say that the truth is that both the personal response and the solutions offered, convinced us.

Saip: How did CEDEPA impact on your choice?

CEDEPA was for us the occasion to be able to know an installed line and see it in depth. Let's say it was just a starting point, but it served to bring a position closer and convince us that SAIP would be the right partner.

Luca Ceresa: Our mission is to support customers by improving their productive performances according targets. We are confident that our line will boost Metalpanel in making a step forward towards its growth targets.

Mr Adrian Navarro: Metalpanel is currently a company with an international presence with sales in 46 countries and the turnover is 58 million Euros per year. We produce 4 Million m2 and have 4 continuous sandwich panel manufacturing lines, three of them with a polyurethane core and one of them with a rock wool core. The factory uses 7000tm of polyurethane each year and processes 26,000 tons of steel. Our team of 110 people has international projection, global vocation and strong presence in food and cold chain as well as in residential and industrial buildings. We follow the philosophy of constant improvement and we are very grateful and happy to have SAIP as our most recent collaborator in the search for product diversifications and new markets.

Saip: Mr Navarro, would you recommend Saip products?

Definitely yes. We consider SAIP as one of the manufacturers of sandwich panel lines, as well as the rest of the solutions they offer, as one of the main global options nowadays. No doubt, to repeat for the next line, who knows when? but it will come...

METALPANEL LINE main features:

The SANDWICH PANELS PRODUCTION LINE supplied to Metalpanel is based on CONTITECH technology, that is, it’s been conceived for the PRODUCTION IN CONTINUOUS. The line it’s completely designed and developed by our engineering team, it is fully automated and considerably versatile, which means that it can manufacture different kind of panels, either with rigid and flexible substrates, such as:

  • tile panels
  • tile panels with aluminum foil internal substrate
  • cold room panels
  • sterile rooms panels


- time savings

- waste minimizing

- improved productivity

- high-quality level of products maintained.

The foaming section of the line is composed by an infrared preheating oven and by a 30 mt double belt press conveyor, characterized by an electric lifting system and direct-gas heating.

A brand-new technology foaming machine ensures best quality and precision of the foam injection process.

The foaming machine has the following main characteristics:

  • operates with six components
  • uses pentane as blowing agent
  • the injection of the foam is made by comb fixed system
  • dosing system with output and ratio control in closed-loop
  • mass flow meter

The cutting section is provided with a sturdy cutter, specially designed by SAIP for the customer. It ensures a good visibility of the blade and a perfect cut, free of scraps and waste.