REPUR designed to turn waste polyurethane into useful products.

REPUR transforms powders deriving from the processing of polyurethane into a workable material and useful products.

Inverigo, Italy – Saip has launched the RepurTM powder recycling system designed to turn waste polyurethane into useful products.

RepurTM is a technology that through a chemical and mechanical process, with zero pollution impact, transforms powders deriving from the processing of polyurethane, chipboard MDF and other recycled materials, into a workable material with considerable properties.

Thanks to custom formulations binders, it’s possible to give the final product the desired physical and mechanical characteristics.

Luca Ceresa, commercial director, said that ‘the system can help Insulation boards and slabstock manufacturers to turn powders deriving from processing into useful products.'

The first RepurTM line has been sold to a large rigid insulation producer.

Ceresa said: 'There is a lot of in-process scrap from rigid panel production, parts are rebated and shaped. This generates waste that RepurTM can turn into useful products like molds for 3d printing, flooring, pallets, kitchen tops, panels.

The RepurTM powder recycling machine is designed to take powder and mix it with a pre-polymer and a binder which is then cured.

'Pozzi Arosio, POZZI INDUSTRIES GROUP systems house, can eventually supply custom formulations,' said Ceresa.

Typically, the plates are produced by compression moulding a slurry made of about 70% regrind, and 23% binder and 7% hardener. They can be up to 50mm thick and so far, Saip has made pieces 1.5m x 0.5m.

In addition to polyurethane waste, the system could use other fillers which are compatible with polyurethane binder chemistry, said Ceresa.

The panel made with Pu powders owns features which overcome existing products thanks to many advantages, such as:

  • Excellent workability
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • impermeability to water
  • High durability
  • High mechanical characteristics
  • Sustainability: made from recycled material