Foam dosing units: a success in roller shutter production

Roller shutter production: SAIP machines, a worldwide success

For 40 years SAIP has been designing and manufacturing polyurethane processing machines and systems. Saip foam dosing units for roller shutters’ production are, among SAIP technologies, those which have enjoyed and still today enjoy great popularity.

The reasons of this success, lie in a consolidated know-how, in the choice of innovative solutions and in customization, features which make them the world's best selling roller shutter production machines.

The application requires high precision. Saip machines, with outputs ranging from 3 to 45 gr / sec, are able to guarantee precision even for the smallest outputs. The dosing system is driven by a low speed volumetric gear pump with motors controlled by means of inverter; this ensures constant output and great accuracy.

The unit is also equipped with a mixing head with air emulsifier. The mixing head washing system uses water. The conditioning of materials occurs thanks to the double chamber of the tanks and the heat exchangers.

Saip is supplier and partner of the leading Italian, European and worldwide manufacturers of roller shutters and of roller shutter production lines.

As the matter of fact, in some countries for the application, Saip is the only supplier of such kind of machines; as in France, for example, where one of our customers, between 2016 and 2017, has completely renovated its fleet with 12 brand new Saip foaming machines.

Specific application for rolling shutters