July 28-30 2021 | Shanghai, China | Stand 162

SAIP is glad to announce its participation to the next edition of PU CHINA that will be held next July, from 28th to 30th, in Shanghai.

SAIP will be promoting latest developments of its technologies, in terms of digitalization and circular economy demands, which turns into higher productivity, energy efficiency and most cost-effective performances.

Our experts will be on site to illustrate main features of SAIP SOLUTIONS, such as:

  • CONTITECH continuous and discontinuous production lines of sandwich panel, Pu/MiWo core specially conceived for the construction industry;
  • REFTECH complete foaming lines for the production of industrial and domestic refrigerated cabinets and doors;
  • REPUR®the technology that through a chemical and mechanical process, with zero pollution impact, is able to transform powders deriving from the processing of polyurethane, chipboard MDF and other recycled materials into a in turn workable material with relevant features;
  • FOAM DOSING MACHINES high and low pressure foam dispensing machines for a wide range of applications, for flexible and rigid foams, high and low density ones;
  • NEW GENERATION OF MIXING HEADS for a better mix and better results;

Massimo Barca

The PUCHINA show will be the occasion to introduce our customers, Mr MASSIMO BARCA , SAIP new Area Manager for Asia and Far-east. Massimo has a long and valuable experience in the polyurethane processing machinery and together with our Chinese agent, BEIJING BREMET TECH. & DEVELOPMENT Inc . they will bring added value and satisfaction to customers.

Visit SAIP EQUIPMENT at PU CHINA, July 28-30, 2021 | Shanghai, China
Stand No.162

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