ISOPAN inaugurates two brand new plants equipped with SAIP CONTITECH lines

From Russia to Mexico passing through Europe: the Italian leading group continues his growth and expansion trend confirming SAIP EQUIPMENT as a strategic supplier.

Volžskij, Volgograd (Russia) - September 30th, 2015: ISOPAN inaugurates ISOPAN RUS (, a brand new factory covering an area of 30 thousand square meters for a year total capacity of 3 million square meters. Its cutting edge production plant is equipped with two SAIP CONTITECH lines for the production in continuous of sandwich panels; one for the manufacturing of

rock-wool panels and the other for the manufacturing of PUR/PIR panels, addressed to several applications.
Despite Russian economy is passing through a critical moment, ISOPAN as well as many other foreign companies has chosen to keep on trusting and investing in the Russian market, thanks also to financing opportunities which have opened up for those who participate in the Russian manufacturing industry re-launch.

Puerto Interior, Silao, Gto. (Mexico) - December 3rd, 2015: ISOPAN inaugurates ISOCINDU (, a brand new site dedicated to the production of PUR/PIR insulated metal panels for roofs and facades for the commercial and residential, agricultural and industrial buildings. ISOCINDU is the result of the strategic alliance between ISOPAN and CINDU, a Venezuelan company. The new factory extends on an surface of 5 hectares of land,1.1 hectares of which are occupied by plant facilities. ISOCINDU has adapted its technology and production processes to protect the environment by not using gases that destroy the atmosphere. SAIP supplied the foaming section, the cutting section and other components of the production line. The goal of ISOCINDU is to manufacture 7.5 million square meters of panels per year to cover the Mexican market and the rest of Latin America.

SAIP is proud of contributing with its know-how and technology to the success of a company like ISOPAN which represents a successful example of the made-in-Italy excellence in the world.