Mold carrying press: an exceptional transport for an exceptional product

Inverigo, March 23rd 2016 – It weighs 35 tons, is 5 meters large and 2,5 meters high: it’s the new SAIP MOLD CARRYING PRESS, designed and manufactured exclusively for the Italian company MAP S.p.A. located in Osio Sotto (Bergamo, IT) to foam parts for the automotive industry.

MAP S.p.A. | | manufactures body parts with RIM-technology injection polyurethane, textile linings with various materials as well as acoustic and thermic insulation solutions.
It is a SAIP customer since many years and owns as many as 5 presses of our production, along with other technologies intended to various applications.

MAP represents the Italian excellence and thanks to its strategy to aim always at innovation and product differentiation it is on the market from over a century.

As most of the other technologies, this latter press, which can be better defined as a containment mask, is the result of a joint project between SAIP and the customer, a cooperation which has allowed our engineers to focus customer’s specific needs and realize a high performances product.

Watch the video of the transport:

Here follow some details of the equipment:

  • provided with a 3200 x 2400 mm worktop
  • provided with a mixing head and dedicated pipes for foaming the parts
  • it acts on a conic type system which allows to keep tolerances required by the dimensions of the part

Some data about the transport:

  • 4 weeks to get the transit permits
  • 2 cranes to hoist and place the press on the truck
  • 2 hours for loading and 1 hour for fastening it
  • 1 last generation special truck, low-slung type (20 cm from ground)
  • 1 trailer, joy-stick operated, driven while maneuvering by a second driver with telecontrol
  • 4 escort cars
  • 30 km of local roads temporarily closed to traffic