SAIP technology: always available for research and continuous improvement

SAIP EQUIPMENT has supplied a polyurethane dosing machine to the laboratory of an Italian long experienced chemical company that manufactures and sells systems for polyurethane foams for composite structural applications, thermal insulation for industrial refrigerators, building insulation panels and more.

SAIP metering unit is used in their laboratories for testing new formulations and systems for all kind of rigid foam applications
and for Quality Control. “For our researches we primarily need versatile and reliable machines, fitted for specific aim. SAIP has designed and realized a foaming unit we needed thanks also to close cooperation with our technicians’ “, comments the CEO. Dott. Walter Pozzi, SAIP President says: ” SAIP has supplied laboratory equipment to several customers for a wide variety of uses. We are always very proud when we contribute to the growth and development of new technologies; in addition, partnerships with such important companies enrich our skills and ensure our customers a real a competitive advantage thanks to the continuous improvement of our technology”.