Saip Equipment at Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Atlanta, USA

27 9월 2018

SAIP EQUIPMENT ITALY announces its participation to CPI, the most popular polyurethanes conference in North America, an area where SAIP products and tailor-made solutions year after year are gaining trust and esteem from polyurethane industry players.

SAIP activity in North America is strengthened by a valuable local partner FOAM SUPPLIES ( with an in-depth experience in Polyurethane market and capability to support clients with sales and technical service.

SAIP solutions find application in various sectors, such as:

  • Building & Construction
    Lines for the production in continuous and in discontinuous of insulated sandwich panels (wall panels, roof panels, cladding panels, insulation panels, sectional panels for residential and industrial doors, for air conditioning ducts, etc.).
  • Professional and Domestic Refrigeration
    Complete foaming systems for the insulation of all equipment used in the cold chain: cabinets and doors, refrigerated cells, display cabinets, freezing and deep-freezing rooms, ice makers, vending machines, thermos, etc.
  • Pre-insulated pipes production and pipe-joints
    - Production equipment of prefabricated rigid pipes and field joints (pipe joint) in offshore and onshore;
    - Production equipment of prefabricated rigid pipes, field joints and elbows in district heating and cooling;
    - Continuous production equipment of industrial prefabricated flexible pipes
  • Furnishing
    Complete turn-key projects to manufacture furniture components, wood imitation, armchairs, chairs, pillows, interior decorations, 3D object decoration, viscoelastic products such as pillows, etc..3
  • Automotive
    High and low pressure dosing units even with high degree of automation complete with rotary tables and mold support presses, special solution for 3D decoration with DIPPRINT tech., etc.

  • Technical items
    High and low pressure dosing units and elastomer casting systems to manufacture various items for sports, nautical, medical, orthopedic items.

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