SAIP has become a new member of PPA-Europe

On the occasion of the next congress of the PPA-Europe (Barcelona, 13-14 October), we will be glad to invite to ce|de|pa members of the association and anyone interested, to experience personally the huge potentials of our center.

Contact us to book your visit.

Krefeld, Germany - PPA-Europe the European Association for Panels and Profiles is the “ambassador” of the manufacturers of metal profiled sheets, sandwich panels and ancillary products on the European level, representing them in all political, regulatory, technical committees or any other initiatives which are relevant for realizing a harmonized and free market in Europe.

It aims to provide expertise and information to decision makers in this segment of the construction sector, which has high potential with regard to energy efficiency, sustainable construction but also resource efficiency and flexibility of design.

The quality activity of the association is based on European standards which permit to label a product with a CE-mark. The European Association for Panels and Profiles has its own quality assurance system, through which the products are under surveillance of independent third parties which control the characteristics of the products regularly. The initial testing of the products, the evaluation of material properties and the testing of samples twice a year under independent control guarantee that the characteristics fulfil the requirements of the European standards and moreover the EPAQ Quality Regulations. Third parties working together with this European Association are laboratories, auditors and experts with very good knowledge on sandwich panels and profiles.

“The committees of PPA-Europe develop testing rules and give advice how to improve sandwich panels i.e. to improve production processes and material characteristics”, comments Dr.- Ing. Ralf Podleschny, Secretay General of the Association.

“For this work item the support of a well-experienced member company like SAIP is of big importance. With its knowledge and the background of the R&D center ce|de|pa in Spain, SAIP can contribute very beneficial to future investigations."

"We would like to form a small working group with SAIP representatives and panel experts to discuss the possibilities how to use such a unique resource for the benefit of the whole sandwich panel industry”, he adds.

Mr Luigi Procopio, Commercial Director of SAIP: “We are very glad and proud of contributing with our experience and skills to PPA-Europe mission and to the improvement of sandwich panel technology. A tool like ce|de|pa is something unique and customers, using it have experimented a real added value ".