Kompletna rješenja za kontinuiranu proizvodnju izolacijskih ploča

Contitech RF

Kompletna rješenja za proizvodnju izolacijskih ploča s krutom vanjskom površinom
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Contitech RF
Contitech FF

Contitech FF

Kompletna rješenja za proizvodnju izolacijskih ploča s fleksibilnom vanjskom površinom
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CONTITECH is the SAIP technology that designs and builds complete lines for the production of panels with continuous method.

The system is composed of different groups of machines and equipment, specialized in a specific production function. Each item of equipment has its own autonomy that allows to modulate and size the groups and consequently the system itself. Every CONTITECH line, every group, every single item of equipment is developed according to the customers' needs, to the specifications of the product to be achieved, to the raw materials to be used, complying with finishes and productivity.

The CONTITECH technology includes installations for the production of continuous panels with both rigid (pre-painted galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.) and flexible (tarred paper, aluminum etc.) outer surfaces, as well as a combination of flexible and rigid surfaces. The single panel can have an inner core of polyurethane foam, phenolic resin, mineral wool or polystyrene.

CONTITECH continuous systems are a value-added business solution for the production of continuous panels, the result of a consolidated experience in designing and building plants for the processing of polyurethane. Through the years SAIP has developed an important know-how thanks to the presence in the Group of ce|de|pa, the specific panel research and development centre, to our strong partnerships with leading manufacturers of polyurethane systems and steel, and to the presence in the company of technical staff coming from the panel production industry.