SAIP is pleased to announce that it will participate in the next ANPE (National Association of Rigid Expanded Polyurethane) national conference entitled "Today for tomorrow". As is now customary, this edition will also deal with highly topical issues such as the "ever more evident need for a global rethinking, both of materials and of design and construction processes, which privileges energy efficiency, protection of environment, the reduction of resources used and their future reuse within a supply chain based on the principles of a sustainable and circular economy. The title of the Conference is intended above all to underline the commitment of the polyurethane industrial sector to contribute, with innovations and resources, to the cultural change underway. "

SAIP will intervene with a presentation entitled: REPUR® Technology, SAIP's contribution to an increasingly sustainable production process. In the last congress SAIP spoke about the paths that the POZZI INDUSTRIES GROUP were following on the issue of the polyurethane processing waste management, together with first results. In 5th ANPE CONGRESS, SAIP will present the project completed: the REPUR® technology has been translated into a plant, already on the market, capable of transforming the powders deriving from the processing of polyurethane, MDF chipboard and other recycled materials, into useful final products: pallets, cladding plates, molds, etc. You no longer have to dispose of waste, on the contrary, you are able to produce a useful /resalable product; moreover, the transformation process takes place with zero polluting impact.

Find out more about REPUR technology: We look forward to seeing you in Naples on 12 May 2022.