October, 22-26 | FIERA MILANO - Rho (Milano) | HALL 5, STAND R09

We are pleased to announce SAIP participation to the prestigious fair dedicated to professional hospitality. We have some news to propose and experiences to share.

After the successful participation to HOST 2019, Saip comes back to Milan to meet professional refrigeration leaders and discuss latest market trends.
SAIP EQUIPMENT has been designing and manufacturing plants and machines for the processing of polyurethane foams for over forty years. We know the thermal insulation sector very well, and our technologies are used and appreciated all over the world.

In particular - REFTECH - flagship of Saip technologies dedicated to the refrigeration target, offers a complete range of production solutions for the insulation, with polyurethane foam, of refrigerator doors and cabinets, display counters, cold rooms, vending machines, ice dispensers, thermos, among others.
HOST will be the occasion for SAIP and the POZZI INDUSTRIES GROUP to presenting and illustrating our UNIQUE PORTFOLIO which includes latest solutions in machinery, polyurethane systems and surface decoration, inspired by goals of energy saving, increase of productivity and sustainability.


Visitors will experience in a virtual tour the SAIP FAST-BACK FOAMING FIXTURE, a versatile production solution featured by the automatic change of molds, through easy and quick steps, without any stop of operations. The innovative dosing system ensures optimal foaming, even when the process involves special thicknesses, typical of medical refrigerators operating at very low temperatures.

NEW GENERATION OF MIXING HEADS: Saip new mixing heads ensures superior foam quality, dosage precision and durability of the equipment itself. Among new technology mix-heads, the THIRD STREAM® MIX-HEAD it’s a truly innovative solution that allows the separate injection of the blowing agent directly into the head. Third Stream® mix-head can be installed on any type of foaming unit, Saip’s or others’, whether new or in the upgrade phase.


A selection of tested polyurethane systems, characterized by robustness and easy processability, is available for various production needs along with a brand-new family of polyurethane systems characterized by a higher insulation capacity, result of the continuous process of improvement of our products.
The association of SAIP FAST-BACK FOAMING FIXTURE and POZZI-AROSIO PU SYSTEMS makes it possible to create a refrigerator capable of operating at very lowl temperatures as required for the storage and transport of the anti-covid vaccines.


DIP-PRINTTM created for the exclusive customization of products, the original technology allows printing on any kind of surface and shape, including tridimensional ones, highly complex or wide radius of curvature.
Surprising results (www.dipprint.com).

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We look forward to seeing you at our stand.