SAIP is a company that has always been driven by innovation and focused on improving customers’ production performance; recently Saip presented a new type of universal foaming fixture, the Saip Fastback Foaming Fixture: the solution that allows the automatic change of models both for professional and domestic refrigerators.

Hereinafter you see a 3d picture and two exemplary diagrams of the Saip Fastback technology:

* drawing and diagrams for illustrative purposes only

The possibility of easily and quickly change the models during production is the big advantage of this system. It allows you to enjoy extreme flexibility and, at the same time, to avoid long adjustments or molds modification times that usually you have to face.

The mask uses mouth-up technology.

The Foaming Fixtures uses mouth-up technology.

The “hat” of the mask houses two molds, one operating in the lower part, the other, located on the roof, is waiting for the change. An upper platform will allow you to store the desired number of molds and a crane system will allow you to move the mold in the translation position.

The change of the mold takes place by the rotation of the “hat”, in about 20 seconds.

The side walls of the Fastback Foaming fixture can be configured from HMI (Human-Machine Interface) and can be adapted according to dimensions required.

The composition of the bottom can be made with different systems, including the comb one.

The mask has a totally electric lifting system.

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