Dear Customer,
this message is to inform you that SAIP is operational, by your side, as usual.

All Countries, Italy in particular, are experiencing a hard time, unimaginable only a few weeks ago. SAIP women and men are struggling to meet commitments to customers. We are not going to give up and let covid-19 be the winner. SAIP is operational thanks to its modern and efficient structures and organization. In a few days we have made all our staff safe, implementing smart working.

Starting today, in compliance with the recent provisions of the Italian Government we have to stop production for a few days. All commercial, design, administrative and management services are still operational. Therefore, call and write to us: SAIP is operational.

At the reopening of the production departments we will be more motivated and efficient than ever and we will strive to recover every day of delay accumulated.

Those who have known us for some time have learned that we never betray expectations and we will not betray them this time either. Those who know us recently will learn it soon. We are confident that you will understand the effort we are making.

We are confident that your trust in us is unconditional. We will not forget it.

Best regards.

SAIP s.u.r.l.

Walter Pozzi