Organization and highly industrialized processes, artisanal attitude in our attention to detail, intensive research and development and respect for the environment. All for one purpose: being close to the customers for a better understanding of their demands.

Workmanlike industrial application

Our industrial applicability is what drives Saip to make use of cutting edge organizational models and technologies: our craftsmanship skills allow the Company to produce everything internally with full mastery of mechanical, electrical and electronic skills, taking great care over even the smallest details and fine tuning. Saip takes full responsibility for this process, because this is what allows the Company to guarantee consistency with its mission and commitment undertaken.

Attention to the environment

Attention to the environment in Saip comes as natural as our respect for the territory we live in. A value and an attitude that Saip also wants to convey to its customers, making their responsible choices possible. SAIP chooses to develop only environmentally sustainable technologies, setting the highest international standards and industry best practices as benchmarks. SAIP has been included for years among the official supplier of the United Nations, participating successfully in several projects funded by international organizations such as UNIDO, UNDP, WORLD BANK. SAIP especially boasts numerous appearances in the framework of the "Ozone depleting substances phase-out" project.

Working alongside the customer

Working alongside the customer means being a reliable Supplier and Partner, sharing goals and objectives to offer him an actual added value. In SAIP we show immediately our attention to customer’s needs with the creation of a dedicated technical team focused on the project feasibility and on possible solutions. The team will follow the project through its whole development, including after testing procedures. It will be at customer disposal for any need. A special channel always open: SAIP never leaves its customers alone.